How Legit could Ravinwood Farm be?? You decide…

Monday, December 04, 2006

Here is the same scammer on another free classifieds website selling Hershey. For those of you who have not read the bottom of this blog, Hershey is my in-laws deceased purebred Pekingese. Hershey was so cute; he seems to be of choice for scammers and fraudulent breeders.

BTW, this website deleted this scam ad less than one hour after I brought it to their attention.

Funny, Hershey seems to be a very popular choice for scammers; I found Hershey being sold again. (this site deleted this ad the same day I reported it to them) Below his picture it read

Reduced to $300,11 month old male pekinese-shih tzu puppy Price$300DescriptionReduced to $300, 11 month old male pekinese-shih tzu puppy, completely house trained, Is a house dog, loves cats, other dogs, kids & people, very easy going & patient, We care about him very much so would like to find him a nice home, He is not neutered, *Serious inquires only* Outside WinnipegAd Id: 2235697 Yesterday this ad was browsed 468 times and viewed 7 times. To date this ad has been browsed 1160 times and viewed 22 times.PhonePlease EmailEmailClick Here Category > Pets > Dogs Date Posted2006/12/02Date Expiry2007/01/01StatusNOT SOLD

Seems Hershey was being advertised as a Pekingese / Shih-Tzu cross. It's also funny how scammers can't seem to spell the breed “Pekingese” correctly. The scammer was able to post this for free. It's a free classified site. I wonder how many times Hershey has been sold?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rest in Peace Hershey

I just noticed today Hershey is no longer posing as Back Forty Meiling. His photo has been removed. It seems there are a few photos of Pekes no longer on that page. I suppose their webmaster finally found the time to login and update their site. I will be very curious to see what Back Forty Meiling looks like. Ravinwood Farm says Back Forty Meiling is a real dog and Hershey was posted by mistake. She had thought the photo of Hershey was Back Forty Meiling. I am assuming they will soon post a real photo of Back Forty Meiling. It will be great to see Back Forty Meiling’s photo as Hershey is no longer with us and to see a dog that looks just like Hershey will be heartwarming. I am glad; Hershey can now rest in peace. BTW, I was talking to my Mother-in-Law a couple of weeks ago and found out Hershey was more like 26 pounds. Yep, he sure was a big boy. He will be missed, but never forgotten.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

This is another photo of Hershey taken the same day as the photo posing as Back Forty Meiling. These photos were taken back in 1995. Hershey has since passed away from old age. Hershey was a great dog. I almost typed "Great Little Dog", however, like I said before, he was a 22 pound Peke and those who know the breed know 22 pounds is no small Pekingese.

Update: 6-13-2006

Update: 6-13-2006 It's been nearly a month and the photo of Hershey is still on Ravinwood Farms website. When I first contacted them on May 14th, they had told me they would have it removed. They said their webmaster was very busy.

Today I was told

"Hi I am the owner of ravinwood farms, and I believe we spoke earlier and my webmaster is working on it. I promised you she would remove it and she willl. She is some what back logged so she asked that you please be patient. She will get it off. As soon as that picture is removed then I expect you delete the blog, Otherwise you will hear from my attourny. It is not my fault that my down home photograher used deceipt and fradulent pictures and sent them on website. Meiling looks exactly like you dog. I am sorry it happened. It will be removed."

I am now wondering, if their “down home photograher used deceipt and fradulent pictures”. Why would they want to sue me? They should be going after the “down home photograher”. Also, would a breeder really not know if a photo is of their own dog? Are they telling people who contact them that Hershey is one of their "under 6 pound" dams? I know if I were a breeder and someone posted a photo of a dog that was not my own, I would have noticed, and that photo would have been removed pronto. I wonder how long Hershey has been posted on their website posing as Back Forty Meiling. I am also wondering if Back Forty Meiling is a real dog? Or just a prop for a dog that does not even exist?? So many questions, so little answers.

Monday, May 15, 2006

How Legit could Ravinwood Farm be?? You decide…

I found a picture, which I took my self with my own camera, of my in-laws 22 pound male Pekingese, posted on a breeder named Ravinwood Farm's website at Next to the photo was this statement
Back Forty Meiling
Oh My Jack in the Box x Back Forty's I'm a Show OffMeiling is the smallest member of our tribe. She is what is known as a sleeve Pekingese. (under six pounds). She is a lovely light fawn with red highlights with a black mask. She may be small but she is mighty. She runs the show around here and everyone knows it. Her eyes are huge, her face is flat and she knows she is beautiful.
Which makes me wonder, how legit could this breeder be? Are any of the photos on their website their own dogs? Do they own their own dogs? And if so why can they not use their own pictures? And to go into such detail about the dog when it's not even their dog??....